Introduction to the new generation of non-current inverter inverters

11 Sep 2019

Information with the new generation welding inverter

The technology of switching and the development of semiconductor components have made the large, heavy, low-efficiency transistors to replace today's welding inverters. In addition to being light and small, inverters have a higher efficiency. Today's inverters, in addition to controlling and accurately displaying the output current, have protection against overcurrent, overheating, etc.

The large family of high-performance welding inverter inverters meet all user needs, both industrial and domestic, making it easy to select the device according to the user's needs.

This family has an in-house inverter with a range of 1, 2, 2, 2 and 4 amp households with brand (yooz), as well as 1, 2, 3, and 5 industrial brand amperes (sms, fujita, feeng bao).

All of the inverter family inverters have two current and arc force volumes. Of course, some of the newer inverters in this family also have hot start volumes and anti-static (non-stick) circuits.

Current Volume: The main output current setting is performed by this volume and changes to the display digit.

Arc Force Volume: In case of decreasing arc length (shortening of electrode and workpiece) the output voltage drops and the depth of the melt pool decreases. As the arc force volume increases, the output current is increased by 2 to 5%, preventing the electrode from adhering to the workpiece and maintaining the applied power to the output.

Volume hot start: Sometimes, at the beginning of the welding process, and the electrode cools (sometimes with humidity), setting the desired arc requires adhering the electrode to the workpiece several times, which reduces the quality of the initial welding. By adjusting this volume you will start the output current at each amp you start at the maximum for a few seconds and then gradually decrease to the current current by the current volume, leading to the electrode heating up and clamping to the workpiece during arc setting. Is coming.

Anti stick: When the electrode is attached to the workpiece, the device will shorten and if the case persists, the internal parts will suffer high pressure and heat, and the device is likely to be damaged. In antistatic inverters, after the electrode is attached to the workpiece, the antistatic circuit breaks for a few seconds and cuts the output current and protects the device. In this model the machine cannot be cut with the machine.


Collector: Engineer Mohsen Vairnar

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