Obtaining a Service Representative

  • Applicants can submit their information in the form below to obtain an authorized after-sales service representative.
  • Please answer all questions for complete review and final result.
  • The Customer Affairs and after-sales service representatives will contact you after reviewing basic information to negotiate and complete the process.


Stages of granting representation

  • Complete the after sales service authorized application form
  • Review requests by our Customer Service and after-sales service representatives
  • Contract awarding agency if you get an acceptable score in technical testing and in-person interview


Minimum Equipment Required to Deliver After Sales Service Authorization

  • Having a computer and internet access to register parts and warranty requests
  • Minimum repair equipment including desk, power switch, wind compressor with wind hose and sprinkler gun, place for washing parts with gas or hot water, desk tools and accessories (impact screwdriver, starter screwdriver, wrench, Iron and Plastic Hammer, Lubricant, Wire, Pliers, Slim Tail, Turret, Normal and Stellar Allen)


Documents required to enter into a post-approval authorized service agreement Request from the company

  • Photocopy of professional and technical documents
  • Photocopy of document of ownership or lease of business
  • دو قطعه عکس 4*3
  • Obtain a non-refundable inquiry form from the bank
  • Photocopy of birth certificate and national card
  • Photocopy of the license
  • Photograph of the requested location (repair shop) for the authorized agent
  • A credible guarantor with a good reputation for signing and confirming the guarantee (to be signed behind the guarantee)
  • Including a repair stamp when attending the company


Accept the terms of the agency request